Independent Technology Service Inc., celebrated 40 Years in business on January 1st, 2020.

ITS - Independent Technology Service Inc. was founded in 1980 by Dan Strizich repairing disk/tape drives and performing data recovery services. In 1992 "ITS" was chosen by Fadal Engineering founding familiy members and manager Richard Kuehne to repair circuit boards. In 1994 we started production QC and Functional Testing for all the machine electronic circuit boards. This was done using our GenRad In-Circuit Testers and Fadal Functional Testers.

Chances are if you look on any CNC board, you will see the "ITS" stamp on it signifying that the board was processed by "ITS" for both In-Circuit Testing and Functional Testing. This was to ensure it meets all the original design specifications and is updated to the latest revision. Over the course of 22 plus years it has been estimated that "ITS" tested over 300,000 Circuit Boards for Fadal Engineering."

In 2008 "ITS" purchased Fadal's Engineering Department in a pre-auction sale prior to the factory being auctioned. That purchase included a large quantity of Software Modules, Eproms, Circuit Boards, Test Fixtures, Work Bench's and more. This increased our already high capability to test and repair "Fadal" electronic components and provide quality parts to Fadal users.

In January 2017 "ITS" purchased RG Systems Cable, the company that made all the Fadal Wire Harnesses, Cables and Pendants  for 30 years. ITS now manufactures all of the Fadal Cables for End Users, Service Technicians and even our Competitors. In March 2017 "ITS" expanded into the building next door, more than doubling our size to 11,000 square feet.

Our goal is to provide highest quality OEM "Original Equipment Manufacture" parts from many of the original (suppliers) such as ABB/Baldor, Bujor, Glentek, Index Rotary, NSK, Steinmeyer and many more. 

We offer Fadal Circuit Board and Amplifier repairs and new replacement components for the Fadal CNC. We strive do this at the highest value and lowest cost to our customers while providing "old fashion" personable customer service.

Today we manufacture our own Spindles, Keyboards, Amplifiers and other components and mechanical parts.

In January 2018 we released our Fadal USB Mass Storage Device and in December 2019 we released out Fadal LCD Displays.

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