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About Fadal CNC Machine Relays

CNC machining demands precision, and at ITSCNC, we understand that control is key. Our range of high-quality relays serves as the control hub for your CNC machinery. Relays act as the bridge between low-power signals and high-power devices, ensuring seamless operation. Discover the right relay for your specific needs among our selection, each designed to enhance control and precision.

Discover Our Relay Products

Here’s a list of the Fadal CNC Machine Relays available on our website: 

Solid State Relay, Black, 3 Amp: A versatile 3 Amp Solid State Relay for your CNC machine control needs.

RELAY;SS, POWER SUPPLY, 5A: Our Power Supply Relay, delivering 5 Amps of reliable control.

ITS CNC Relay: The ITS CNC Relay for seamless integration into your CNC setup.

Chiller Relay, 240AC to 3-32VDC, 25 AMP: Control your chiller with this 25 Amp Relay.

Relay Solid State, AC Input, 45 AMP: A robust 45 Amp AC Input Solid State Relay for your high-power needs.

Relay Solid State, AC Input, 50 AMP: A powerful 50 Amp AC Input Solid State Relay for precision control.

RELAY;SS 1 AMP 5V GREEN 120V LOAD: The 1 Amp Solid State Relay for your green power needs.

RELAY;SS 1 AMP 5V YELLOW 120V LOAD: The 1 Amp Solid State Relay for your yellow power needs.

AMP Chassis Contactor: A reliable Chassis Contactor for CNC machinery.

Relay, Solid State 24VDC, Red Case: A 24VDC Solid State Relay in a sturdy red case.

CONTACTOR; CONVYR 24V 9AMP FANUC 240VAC: A 24V Conveyer Contactor for FANUC machinery.

If you're unable to locate the perfect relay for your Fadal CNC machine, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you in finding the ideal solution.

Warranty Information

Warranty coverage varies by product type. For detailed warranty information, please visit the respective product pages. We recommend checking each page for accurate warranty details that match your specific needs.

Support at Your Service

At ITSCNC, we're more than just a supplier; we're your partners in CNC machining. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you. If you have any questions or require guidance about our relay products like the Fadal Relays we have on this page, reach out to us anytime. We're committed to helping you achieve precision and control in your CNC machining operations.

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