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  1. PCB-0000, Clock Card, 1020-0D


    Out of stock
  2. Mill Interface, 1040-2A, Reman


  3. M Function, 1050-3A, Reman


  4. Motherboard, 1060-0B USE PART#PCB-0009


    Out of stock
  5. Resolver Test Board. 1060-0-1C


  6. Pendant Interface, 1110-3


    Out of stock
  7. Pendant Interface, 1110-3B


    Out of stock
  8. CPU Board, 1400-5C, New


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About Fadal CNC Circuit Boards & Memory

Only ITS CNC has in stock all of the replacement Circuit Boards for your Fadal CNC.  We have an extensive selection of parts. From Clock Cards to Spindle Controllers, we offer a wide array of Fadal CNC Circuit Boards & Memory Online to meet your needs. Whether it's a Mill Interface or a Resolver Test Board, our inventory holds the key to enhancing your Fadal CNC experience. Take a moment to explore the variety we have in stock and ready to ship.

Our Fadal Circuit Board Inventory

Presenting a diverse range of CNC Fadal Parts : 

  • Clock Card
  • Mill Interface
  • Motherboard 14 Slot
  • Resolver Test Board
  • Keyboard Interface
  • Pendant Interface
  • CPU Board
  • Video Interface
  • Axis Control
  • Spindle Control
  • Memory 384KB 
  • Memory 4MB 
  • 8MB Memory
  • Memory 16MB
  • Chiller Relay Board
  • Scale Fault Detection 
  • 3 Port Bus Board 1730
  • Scale Interpolation BoardScale Fault Detection
  • Program Module for CPU 1400-4 Software Version V96.1B4-3
  • Program Module
  • Servo Turret Amplifier
  • Video Interface, Color
  • Spindle Controler Card
  • 220V Surge Suppressor New Style, Large Connector
  • 510V Surge Suppressor New Style, Large Connector
  • 4th Axis Inhibitor Board
  • Air/Oil Control, 1980-0A
  • Program Module Software Version 103.5
  • Program Module, Spanish
  • Servo Turret Power Supply
  • 4 Port Bus Board
  • Computer Interface
  • Dual Temp Control
  • Color VGA Adaptor Board
  • Power Distribution Board
  • Fadal Control, Upgrade Kit
  • Legacy Control, Upgrade Kit
  • Brake Control
  • Dual Arm Tool Changer
  • Power Distribution Board
  • Mill Interface
  • Axis DC Upgrade Kit for AC or DC Machine
  • Wire Harness, 4th and 5th AXIS Inhibitor Assembly

We at ITSCNC have replacement Fadal CNC Circuit Boards in stock and available for immediate shipment. To gather more information, you can visit our product pages to explore the complete range of Fadal CNC parts that we offer. Our online catalogue is there to facilitate your shopping experience.

We Only Sell High-Quality Circuit Boards

Starting in 1992 Fadal Engineering chose ITS CNC to test and repair all of their circuit boards. Look at any circuit board in the card cage and you will see an ITS stamp on the board. It's estimated that we tested over 300,000 circuit boards for Fadal from 1992 to 2008.

ITSCNC specialises in supplying  top-quality CNC circuit boards. Our approach involves Engineering knowledge, experience and rigorous testing for reliable performance. With over a decade of experience, you can trust ITSCNC for high-quality boards that enhance your Fadal CNC machine.

Benefits Of Our CNC Circuit Boards And Memory

Together, let’s uncover the diverse benefits that come with our products:

Precision Enhancement: You get to elevate your CNC tasks with legacy Fadal CNC Circuit Boards that will keep your Fadal running a long time.

Reliability Assurance: Trust in the durability of our products, built with quality components to ensure reliable and consistent performance over time.

Seamless Integration: Our circuit boards and memory modules seamlessly integrate into the Fadal Legacy Control  ensuring a reliable machine for years to come.

Industry Expertise: With over two decades of experience in handling Fadal CNC circuit boards, ITSCNC brings expertise to the table, delivering solutions that cater to your Fadal CNC needs.


For precise and up-to-date warranty details, we recommend visiting the respective product pages. There, you can find comprehensive information regarding warranties associated with our circuit boards and memory modules. This ensures you have the most accurate understanding of the warranty coverage tailored to each specific product.

Generally new circuit boards have a one year warranty and remanufactured circuit boards have six months warranty.

If you're unable to locate a specific part you need, feel free to give us a call, and our experts will be ready to assist you in finding exactly what you require.

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