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  1. Extension Spring, 5/8" x 6.5"


  2. Extension Spring, 1" x 8.5"


  3. Drawbar Return Spring,


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Fadal Extension and Drawbar Return Springs 

When it comes to CNC machines, precision is paramount, and even the smallest components play a significant role. This is why at ITSCNC, we offer a range of Fadal Extension and Drawbar Return Spring Online specifically designed to ensure the smooth and precise operation of your CNC machine. 

Our Extension Springs

At ITSCNC, we offer a number of extension and drawrbar return springs, including: 

Extension Spring, 5/8" x 6.5": This precision-crafted spring, measuring 5/8 inch in diameter and 6.5 inches in length, provides the necessary tension and flexibility to support various CNC machine functions.

Extension Spring, 1" x 8.5": With a diameter of 1 inch and a length of 8.5 inches, this spring offers enhanced resilience and reliability, contributing to the consistent performance of your CNC machine.

Extension Spring, 1 1/8" x 24.5": For applications demanding even greater tension and strength, this spring, with a diameter of 1 1/8 inches and a substantial length of 24.5 inches, is the perfect choice.

Fadal Drawbar Return Spring: A CNC machine's drawbar plays a critical role in tool changing operations, and the Drawbar Return Spring is an essential component in ensuring its proper functioning. It assists in smoothly retracting and releasing the drawbar, enabling efficient tool changes and minimizing downtime.

If you can’t find a spring for your CNC machine, feel free to call us. We would love to find the right product for your machine! 

Warranty Coverage

For your peace of mind, our Extension and Drawbar Return Springs come with warranty coverage. Specific details regarding the warranty for each product can be found on the individual product pages on our website. We are committed to providing clear and reliable warranty information to ensure your satisfaction.

Expert Support

At ITSCNC, we understand the unique needs of CNC machining, which is why our experienced team is readily available to offer expert support. Whether you have questions regarding Fadal Extension Spring, need technical guidance, or require assistance in selecting the right components, we are here to help. We are dedicated to ensuring the longevity and productivity of your CNC machine.

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