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Spindle O-Ring Seal Kit with Hose

Part number: HDW-1104
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Spindle O-Ring Seal Kit with Hose

Ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your CNC machinery by investing in the Fadal Spindle O-Ring Seal Retrofit Kit from ITSCNC.

This comprehensive kit is meticulously designed to streamline the installation process of your new or remanufactured Spindle, eliminating the risk of performance issues and warranty complications associated with improper installation.

What's Included In Spindle O-Ring Seal Kit with Hose?

Our thoughtfully curated kit encompasses all essential components, from precision-engineered O-rings to durable hose and fittings . Each piece is a crucial element in simplifying and enhancing the installation of your ITS Spindle. 


Tailored to meet the specific installation requirements of your ITS Spindle, the HDW-1104 kit ensures a seamless and error-free process. Simplify the installation, allowing your spindle to function optimally without any hindrances.

Functionality of HDW-1104

The Fadal Spindle O-RING Kit is a fundamental contributor to the efficient functionality and extended lifespan of your spindle. By maintaining a secure and proper seal, it safeguards against potential issues, promoting consistent and reliable performance.

Installation Note

Avoid jeopardizing your Spindle and potentially voiding the warranty due to improper installation. Ensure your CNC machinery's success by strictly adhering to the detailed instructions included with our Spindle O-Ring Seal Kit. Accurate installation not only ensures peak performance but also protects your investment by preventing potential warranty complications. 

ITS Support Services

Your journey with ITSCNC doesn't end with the purchase of Fadal Spindles, New & Reman. Our dedicated support team stands ready to assist you with any installation queries. Benefit from our expertise, ensuring that the Spindle O-Ring Seal Kit integrates seamlessly into your CNC machinery.


Choosing ITSCNC means selecting a reliable partner committed to your CNC machinery's optimal performance. Our Spindle O-Ring Seal Kit reflects our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Beyond top-notch products, you gain the assurance of a trusted ally in the CNC machinery solutions realm.

Invest with confidence, knowing you have the support and expertise of ITSCNC behind you.

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